How to apply

1- Tell us who you are (your creative CV in up to 1,000 words.);

2- Show us your stuff (a writing sample of up to 20 pages (in English) for authors; or a list of links with your films/performances for theatre or film directors; or a portfolio of your works of up to 20 slides for visual artists);

3- Tell us why you want to come to this artistic residency (your motivation in one page);

4- Give us two options for when you want to come with precise dates of arrival and length of stay (one, two, three or four weeks). The first stay you apply for cannot be sooner than one month following the date of your application. The second one should end by November 20, 2020. Once you are approved, these may need to be further adjusted. See: FAQ

5- Show us that you are serious about this opportunity and that you value our time for reviewing your documents (pay the application fee of 21EUR here)

optional, but highly valued:

– tell us about the project you would like to work on when in Sofia (we would love to hear about it, and if it has some kind of a connection to Bulgaria or Sofia, this could be an advantage for your application) (up to 1,000 words);

– send us any records of persecution against you, discrimination or censorship directly related to your work as an artist (text of up to 1,000 words);

– ask somebody knowledgeable in your field to send us a recommendation letter on behalf of you. (this could be a decisive factor when we have two equally good proposals for the same time slot).


Please, send us your applications in a single mail with your name as a subject line here:

By sending us information about you, you agree that we can process it for the purposes of the application review. We do not process or retain your information for other purposes than for the selection process and we do not share or distribute your information to any third parties.