Vaiva Grainytė, the writer behind the Sun and the Sea (Golden Lion, Venice Biennale 2019), was a resident artist at Radar Sofia in November 2019 and she took part, together with 7 Bulgarian dramaturges and playwrights, in the performance The Hour of Truth, organised by Radar Sofia and the Drama Pact platform.

The performance took place on November 17 at Derida stage.

Miroslav Christov on stage. Foto: Photo Corps
Vaiva Grainytė on stage, Foto: Photo Corps
Audience and performers come together on stage

Ivan Dimitrov on stage, Foto: Photo Corps
Stefan Ivanov on stage, Foto: Photo Corps
Milena Stanojevic on stage, Foto: Atanas Igov
Foto: Atanas Igov

Later, on Nov 21, Vaiva Grainytė, had a lecture-presentation at Goethe Institut Bulgaria.