On June 2 and on June 5, 2021, in Sofia and Damascus respectively, Radar Sofia and Mraya Theater Project

held their joint performance-reading of the text


written by Anna Akkash (Syria) and Alexander Manuiloff (Bulgaria).

In Damascus the event was directed by Hassan Duba

Performers were: Loris Qazaq Raymonda, Aboud Magith, Saqr Ali, Ismail Alaa Zahruddin

Photographs are by Bilal Al-Masry

while in Sofia

the event was co-created and co-directed by all performers

Martina Apostolova, Elena Dimitrova, Gyorgi Georgiev Antiqua and author Alexander Manuiloff

The photos are by Ivan Donchev

The project was supported by the cross-culture cooperation fund Ettijahat Independent Culture

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