Drama Pact Second Reads

A module of The Small Season Festival

28 June 2019, 12:00

SFUMATO Theatre Laboratory

2, Dimitar Grekov str., Sofia 1504

Drama Pact

will have a module of its “Second Reads” series within the framework of The Small Season festival organised by Sfumato Theatre.

Authors bring one page of their plays and put it somewhere on the stage. Somebody may or may not read it. Discussions may follow, views and approaches to the text will be shared.

Throughout the whole time all the authors are on the stage, not to perform, but to be there, meet other authors, lose fear from the stage, reduce stress levels and maybe see their own text from an interesting new perspective.

  • This is an open event, but mainly for the makers.
  • June 28, 21.30h, big stage Sfumato theatre, Sofia

Small Season Festival

Second Reads – a series of project building brainstorm sessions. Contemporary theatre texts that have already received their first productions are now re-interpreted by another writer, by the audience or by the authors themselves – in the form of a sketch for a performance, workshop, reading or any other format proposed by the authors. The aim is to counter the idea of the contemporary play as a disposable single use product and go back to the nature of the dramaturgy as an artistic fabric, intended for re-staging and having multiple versions, subjected to different interpretations and points of view. Of course, with the view to emancipate authors from their subordinate position to directors in the Bulgarian tradition.

The project has been financed by
Sofia Culture Programme


Drama Pact Second Reads

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