What We Want To Achieve

inspiring change in the local context and attitudes

One of the reasons we are searching for resilient artists is that we want to show the local circles that resistance efforts pay off. That going mainstream and with the flow is sometimes too conformist a path for a creator of value. And that there are other ways. We want to inspire change in the local context and attitudes. Your stay in Sofia and your story told here can help much more than just give yourself a space to work and contemplate.

We also know that Sofia and Bulgaria are abundant in material and topics to explore. This is a place of unexpected events, absurd coincidences and also a crossroads of traditions and artistic paradigms that, as a whole, is very likely to have a positive impact on your own future creative projects. We would like to make Sofia better known abroad, which can happen effortlessly if you yourself profit from your stay here.

Radar is composed of artists of various backgrounds who have crossed paths in a plethora of projects in the past years. We know the value of strong collaborations and artistic exchange and we will try to promote the establishment of lasting partnerships in the future, not necessarily with some of us, but with artists from the local circles as well. We will encourage, including financially, future joint projects, for which we have had some guarantees from our partners here.

To cut the long story short, we will try to do our best to make your stay in Sofia a possible reason for you to come again. In the same time, we won’t be pushing anything beyond its normal course of development.

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