Our Values

We are always searching for new friends, partners and collaborators who share our values

First of all is the principle of non-violence and doing no harm. Violence and aggression is not necessarily physical. In artistic circles other forms of assaults can be even more harmful. We oppose them.

Then comes humility – we know we are small.

We are working in a limited zone of potentialities in a sea of intellectual and political corruption in our country.

Still, we believe it is better to have the courage to do something small-scale rather than nothing at all.

We are limiting collaborations to partners where we know no bad influence can come from.

We value differences and think a really stable, rich and prosperous culture can thrive only in a place where there is general support and understanding for the truly new, the unexpected approach, the strange, the off-mainstream, the audacious.

We don’t think an intellectual can bow down in every possible direction as many young artists in Bulgaria unfortunately do, in order to get their stuff promoted.

In Radar Sofia we don’t want to work with former agents of the State Security department, their informers and collaborators. Communism is still omnipresent and omnipotent at all levels of Bulgarian cultural context. It suppresses possible growth and sends talented people in emigration. By not collaborating with people who profited from it, or with those who are still adopting its methods, we are carrying out our small-scale lustration. A large-scale one has never been done in our country and we can’t wait any longer.

We value quality over personal connections.

We think that creators can work together and form artistic partnerships not because they are relatives or friends or in a guru/student constellation, but because they share common values and principles.

We have been working the latter way for many years and some of us have travelled the world with what we do. We intend to keep it like this in the hope that one day nepotism in Bulgarian cultural sector will give way to more sustainable principles.

We are usually optimistic, open and friendly. And we are always searching for new friends, partners and collaborators who share our values.

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