What Artists We Search For

Could it be you?

We want to lend a helping hand to creators who walk an artistic path off the beaten track. New methods and forms that make the audience truly engage in an important contemporary topic are what we seek to promote. We tend to prefer artists who take note of the world around them, see what is going on, and are able to artistically relate to the troubles and dangers for our societies and for our planet. Artists who have proven record of some resistance to the system in which we live will be most welcome. “Radical” is not a taboo word for RadAr.

We seek also to support projects of artists at risk, creators who have been persecuted or censored due to the nature of their work or because of their race, sex, gender, ethnic origin, religion or political views.

The space is designed mainly for writers, special preference is given to dramaturgy and performing arts. Filmmakers, visual and interdisciplinary artists who don’t need a huge studio for their work can also apply to stay with us. Translators will not be rejected, although our primary focus is not translation.

We don’t have deadlines and accept applications on a rolling basis.

The usual length of a stay is between one and four weeks and it can be extended under special circumstances.

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