East West Open Call Results

January 15, 2020

We had an exciting and difficult time reading, rereading and discussing the proposals of so many brilliant applicants and their amazing projects. In the end we decided for the Polish-Romanian/Hungarian duo of Julianna Bloodgood and Zsófi Pálffy.

We will be contacting all the shortlisted candidates.


Julianna Bloodgood

actress, movement artist, vocalist, teacher, director

Julianna Bloodgood is an actress, movement artist, vocalist, teacher and director whose work includes anthropological performance research. She has traveled extensively in search of different cultural perspectives on the body, voice and the ritual of performance.

She was an actress in the award-winning and critically acclaimed Polish theatre company Song of the Goat Theatre from 2009-2018. In Poland Julianna was also a founding member of the pedagogical and performance research company Odra Ensemble. She was a resident artist with New York based Theater MITU, and is currently collaborating with Slovakian theatre company Honey and Dust.

In 2019, Julianna was awarded a scholarship from the Polish Ministry of Culture for her artistic research and was one of ten European independent theatre makers chosen to participate in Creative Europe’s Make A Move project.

Julianna is the co-founder of The Dadaab Theater Project, a youth based theater project in Dadaab, Kenya, formerly the world’s largest refugee camp and is a founding member and co-artistic director of The Great Globe Foundation, a non-profit organization seeking to inspire and empower the individual voice and to help build bridges between people and communities.

Julianna graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and holds an MA in Acting, a BFA in Dramatic Performance from the College Conservatory of Music, Department of Acting, University of Cincinnati. She is also a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, California. Julianna regularly teaches workshops and masterclasses internationally.



Playwright, theatre maker

Zsófi Pálffy is a young playwright and theatre maker from Transylvania. She studied Theatre Sciences and Playwriting at the University of Arts (http://www.uat.ro/en.html) in Targu Mures, Transylvania, Romania and Karoli Gaspar University, Budapest, Hungary. Zsófi lived in Hungary for 8 years where she was doing both background (festival organizing) and also foreground works of theatre making, such as critique writing or workshops facilitating in Budapest (creative writing workshops, monologue writing workshop at the Budapest Contemporary Drama Festival 2016).

She wrote two unconventional plays, which were both put on stage: The Blue Frankfurter – a bar play (2014) and this text was nominated in 2015 for the Vilmos-prize in Hungary. Farewell Therapy (2016) became the base of a theatre project dedicated to prevention and finding solutions for addicts called „Independents for Addicts”. At the moment Zsófi is living in Transylvania, where she is working with local independent theatre makers on different projects. During her latest project, the Make a Move residency programme in Targu Mures she met Julianna Bloodgood and they started to develop together Clouds Passing By/Vital Space – an interethnical theatre living installation.

Zsófi is mostly interested in theatre making processes, which are trying to rethink the context of a performance. Being a part of a bilingual region dealing with interethnic conflicts, she finds it important to be able to reflect on the specifics of society in general. She believes that art can be a really good platform to open new dialogues and perspectives when it comes to collective traumas and she likes assisting in building up performances from oral history/storytelling of the people on the spot.

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