Radar Sofia Takes Part In Theatre Festival In Portugal

Teatro Mosca, September 2023

September 30, 2023

Following an invitation for a residency stay at Teatro Mosca in September 2023, Radar Sofia presented its format The Hour of the Truth at the 9th edition of the theatre festival Moscarium at Teatro Mosca, Sintra, Lisbon on September 16, 2023.

The Hour of the Truth is a concept created by Alexander Manuiloff who invites theatre professionals to join a week of workshops and then present together their version of what truth is for each one of the performers.

The leaders of the workshops from Bulgaria were Alexander Manuiloff, Boris Zafirov and Erica Urbelevic who led each a format to facilitate exchange of practices, creating communities and help inspire the individual pieces of the performers

The Hour of the Truth is a live show concept in which seven or eight theatre professionals, whose main work does not involve appearing in front of the public, have seven minutes each to express through various performative forms (interpretation, satire, interaction with others, lecture, dance, video, etc.) an important truth for them, which is not normally said on stage. The carefully drafted sequence of these 8 pieces is the backbone of the show's dramaturgy, which leads to the opening of a safe space for discussion with the public.

Our Portuguese participants were:

Carina Ventura, Carlota Nobrega, Luisa Dias, Maria Toscano, and Teresa Alves.

Producers: Radar Sofia, teatromosca, Drama Pact

Photographs: Angelo Soares, Beatriz Vermelho, Gustavo Correia, Matilde Caldas, Soraia Nunes,

Social Media: Ariana Lopes, Carolina Silva, Beatriz Vermelho, Matilde Caldas,

Executive producers: Maria Carneiro, Bruna Catarina, Rosa Venco, Matilde Felipe, Noemy Silva, Nuno Maciel, Ines Nobre, Eva Pereira

The Hour of the Truth is part of an 18-month project under the Programme for Support and Development of Private Cultural Organisations 2022-2023 and is funded by the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria.


The Hour of the Truth, Lisbon, 2023 - Performance
The Hour of the Truth, Lisbon, 2023 - Workshops
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