Open Call For Participation In "The Birthday Series"

from our April/May 2024 resident Nina Bade

March 25, 2024
Hi, my name is Nina Bade and I’m a German dramaturg and theatremaker.
In April and May 2024, I will be working on a new project called „The Birthday Series“ as part of the Take Care Residency of Radar Sofia. I’m looking for participants who like to share their personal stories on the topic of birthdays.
Having a birthday is a privilege that all living humans share. That’s what connects us. The meaning of having and celebrating a birthday is something that differentiates one person from the other. It is something so deeply rooted in the culture that we grew up in. All these little birthday traditions, such as birthday wishes, gifts, songs, cake, activities and so much more, tell a lot about ones gender, class, the time we live in, the relationships we have to family and friends - sometimes very obvious, other times it lies unconsciously between the lines. And in some way, this annually event refers to our birth as well as to our death.
I’m interested in your personal stories. What are your birthday traditions? How would you say that birthdays have shaped your life? Has it changed throughout your life? I’m looking for people of all ages who like to share their stories. This can be a small anecdote, funny stories or a sad event. You don’t need any prior knowledge but being open for this experience.
If you like to participate, write me a mail to and attach a photo of the birthday you remember the most. We will then find a date for a conversation between the two of us. They will be held in English, but German and Bulgarian speakers are also invited. The conversations will be recorded and parts will be presented as part of the presentation event of Radar Sofia.
If you like to find out more about my work, check out
I’m looking forward to meeting you soon! Take Care!
The Birthday Series is produced by Radar Sofia. Supported by Culture moves Europe, a project funded by the European Union.
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