Nina Bade

Apr - May 2024

Nina Bade is originally from a small town in Central Germany but has moved to different cities throughout her life, such as Leipzig where she pursued her bachelor studies in Theatre Science and Art History, and Hildesheim where she completed her studies with the Master's program in Staging the Arts and Media, among others. Currently, she resides in Bochum where she works in the dramaturgy of the Ruhrtriennale Festival. 

Her artistic interests primarily stem from biographical content, and her approach is documentary. During her time at university, she collaborated with a collective on a project exploring their own relationships with pop music. They conducted interviews, created dramatic texts, developed dramaturgy, and performed. Additionally, she worked as a dramaturg for director Lorenz Nolting on his piece "Biathlon der Sehnsucht (Warten auf den Snow)," where they explored ways to stage Borderline Personality Disorder within a dramatic context.

In 2021, while working at the Ruhrtriennale, she encountered Swiss artist Mats Staub, known for his interview-based projects such as "21-Memories of Growing Up." Impressed by his work, she collaborated with him as a dramaturg on projects like "Intimate Revolution" in 2022 and the installation "Jetzt & Jetzt," which debuted in the summer of 2023. These collaborations involved staging honest conversations about sexuality and reflecting on the growth of individuals aged 8 to 80. In May, she received a scholarship for the International Forum of Theatertreffen in Berlin, where she collaborated with thirty different international artists and cultural workers. She found the diverse perspectives enriching and inspiring.

Her artistic process is driven by her interest in people, building connections with individuals from diverse backgrounds, and her curiosity about their worldviews. This motivation led her to participate in the residency program. She is embarking on a new artistic project centered around birthdays, which will also be interview-based. She aims to begin the project with a practical research phase, interviewing people from Sofia about their birthdays. She believes stepping outside her own cultural bubble will enrich the project, offering different perspectives and deepening its depth. Four weeks of research will enable her to conduct multiple interviews and experiment with presentation formats that evolve through the process.

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