Resident Florin Flueras Performs In Saw

Collapse Yoga

Radar Sofia Event

Event Details:

24 September 2020, 12:00

Bratska Mogila

Borisova Gradina Park, Sofia

Photos Vlad Brateanu

Our Rad.Ost resident Florin Flueras will show his Collapse Yoga performance within Sofia Art Week, in front of the Ministry of Finance, starting at 1700 hours local time on Sept 24, 2020. And you are invited to join.

Notice all the silent work in your body for maintaining posture, appearance, composure. Collapse Yoga starts with relaxing those efforts. 

Collapse Yoga mixes Yoga with possible “negative” states, such as weakness, sadness, illness, anxiety, hopelessness, renouncement, exhaustion, grief, boredom, decrepitude, failure and their traces in the body. It collides the Yoga’s aims for coordination, balance, strength, flexibility with the body’s deep desires for asymmetry, in-coordination, weakness, relaxation, imbalance, abandonment, collapse, freedom. Collapse Yoga is often practiced next to intimidating buildings, monuments, and in public spaces symbolically associated with cultural stiffness, harmful ethics or bad politics. There is a correspondence and influence between body’s politics and society’s problems.
Instructors: Eliza Trefas and Florin Flueras. 

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