Take Care 2023 Open Call Winners

winners for 2023 residency slot

August 21, 2023

Finally, we're able to announce the results of our "Take Care" residency programme for 2023. Before we do though, we must admit that we've been overwhelmed (and overjoyed) both by the quantity and quality of the applications we received. Out of hundreds of applicants, it was rather difficult and demanding to narrow down a shortlist, and thereafter making the final selection took its toll on us. There were so many more of you that we would like to work with and invite to stay, but we're limited for our options in 2023 and 2024. Nevertheless, we're determined to find some ways of collaborating and keeping in touch with our shortlisted candidates even outside the scope of the "Take Care" programme, and we're exploring all available options.

This being said, we're thrilled to announce the winners of our "Take Care 2023 Residency Open Call": Frederico Santiago and Júlia Portes.

Frederico Santiago and Júlia Portes are multi-disciplinary artists whose solo and collaborative work explores the boundaries between performance, dramaturgy, sound, and video art. Their work seeks to discuss themes such as immigration, decoloniality, cultural appropriation, language barriers, norms of behaviour, power relations between genders, and the feeling of non-belonging.

Frederico Santiago is a Brazilian sound artist, soundtrack composer and music producer. He has a Master's Degree in Music Composition from Federal Univesity of the State of Rio de Janeiro, where he researched the creative potentials of sound spatiality in electroacoustic music and developed an album of acousmatic compositions. He has been working with sound design and soundtrack composition in the audio post-production market for cinema, TV and publicity, having participated in feature films, series, and TV programmes. In addition, he has worked as an instrumentalist and musical producer for artists in the Brazilian music scene such as Estômago, Nitú, Alan Bernardes, Coconomã, Tuny and Lukash.

Júlia Portes is an actress, playwright and screenwriter. She has a bachelor's degree in Performing Arts and has published her first novel “The Sky in the Middle of the Face" (NAU Publisher), released in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Berlin. She is part of Brecha's Creation Collective where she developed the film "We are no longer sweet" and the performance "It Concerns to You". She has performed in several places including FLUL - University of Lisbon - and the Rio Theatre Festival where she won the awards for best actress and best text. She was nominated for best supporting actress at the International Filmmaker Festival of Cinema in Nice with the short film S.I.N.A.I.S. As an actress and playwright, she also participated in the plays "This thing we don’t know what it is but suspect" and "Happy Dead". She collaborated on the creation and script of a Netflix series with Daniel Filho. Júlia also gives workshops and courses on creative writing.

We're looking forward to welcoming Frederico and Júlia to Sofia later this year and enabling them to work on and showcase their joint project.

And once again, our cordial thanks and appreciation go to all the applicants in the open call: you are awesome!

The Take Care Residency Programme is funded by the Bulgarian National Culture Fund.

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