Júlia Portes

December 2023
actress, playwright, screenwriter

Júlia Portes is an actress, playwright and screenwriter. She has a bachelor degree in Performing Arts and has published her first novel “The sky in the middle of the face" (NAU Publisher), released in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Berlin.

She is part of Brecha's Creation Collective where she developed the film "We are no longer sweet" and the performance "It concerns to You". She has performed in several places including FLUL - University of Lisbon - and the Rio Theatre Festival where she won the awards for best actress and best text. She was nominated for best supporting actress at the International Filmmaker Festival of Cinema in Nice with the short film S.I.N.A.I.S. As actress and playwright she also participated in the plays "This thing we don’t know what it is, but suspect" and "Happy Dead".

She collaborated in the creation and script of a Netflix series with Daniel Filho.

She also gives workshop and courses about authorial creation and writing that already had more than 100 oriented projects.

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