"Take Care" Programme: Selected Residents For 2024

Meet Bea Kovács and Nina Bade

November 16, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the open call winners for the remaining two slots for 2024 in our "Take Care" residency programme!

Meet Bea Kovács and Nina Bade!

Bea Kovács is a 31-year-old Hungarian writer, editor, essayist, theatre critic, and creative copywriter from Transylvania, Romania. She was a fellow of the Communitas Creative Scholarship for Literature. She's been writing about theatre for more than 10 years, focusing on independent productions and performative phenomena. She has worked as an editor for the theatre periodical Játéktér for three years. As a cultural journalist, she writes essays and articles on street art, polyamory, loneliness, alcoholism, autism, HPV, feminism, mobile apps, local and international artists, cultural events, etc. In her free time, she practices yoga, paints, takes pictures, meets up with friends, listens to electronic music, and dances.

Nina Bade is originally from a small town in Central Germany. She did her bachelor studies in Theatre science and Art History in Leipzig and completed her studies with the Masters programme Staging the Arts and Media in Hildesheim. After having worked in the dramaturgy of Festival Ruhrtriennale under the Artistic Direction of Barbara Frey 2021-23, she now lives and works in Hamburg as a freelance dramaturg. Her artistic interest mostly comes from biographical contents and her approach is documentary. Her artistic process is driven by her interest in people, building connections with former strangers and her curiosity about their view on the world and what we have in common.

We'll be sharing more details about their creative plans and upcoming projects in due course and look forward to welcoming Bea and Nina to Sofia!

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