Bea Kovács

Apr - May 2024
writer, editor, critic

Bea Kovács is a 31-year-old Hungarian writer, editor, essayist, theatre critic, and creative copywriter from Transylvania, Romania. A former fellow of the Communitas Creative Scholarship for Literature, with over 10 years of experience, she has delved into theatre criticism, with a particular focus on independent productions and performative phenomena. For three years, she served as an editor for the theatre periodical Játéktér. As a cultural journalist, her repertoire includes essays and articles on a wide array of topics such as street art, polyamory, loneliness, alcoholism, autism, HPV, feminism, mobile apps, menstruation, body hair, local and international artists, and cultural events.

She is creative, flexible, hard-working, and curious, always seeking her next significant personal and professional endeavor. She thrives on meeting new people, immersing herself in different cultures, and experiencing cities as a local rather than a tourist. Art is her passion, permeating both her professional and personal life. During her leisure time, she engages in activities such as practicing yoga, painting, photography, socializing with friends, listening to electronic music, and dancing.

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